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12 April, 2014
8:00 AM
It's Global! Join us

Join us:

One to four million children in India are homeless and alone, without even family to care for them.

Street Children Awareness Day is a day to share the plight of the Street Children of India. Everyone is invited to get involved in any way they can.

What You Can Do

– Use social medias to share the gallery at the link above or re-share graphics that we post to our facebook page on Street Children Awareness Day;
– Spread the word about Street Children Awareness Day by uploading a cause cover photo;
– Write a blog entry or a facebook note about the Street Children of India and publish in on the day (links back to us are appreciated but not required);
– Post a simple status update on facebook such as ‘Little children are homeless in India. You can help them here: http://LovingArmsOrphanage.org’;
– Create and share a work of art (a painting, a drawing, a poem, a song…);
– Talk to friends and family, work associates, students about the situation on the day;
– Organize a community or work fundraiser (get your company to match the gifts made by its staff!);
– Have any artwork ready to be published ahead of time (you are welcome to at least share them on our page);
– Contact news agencies about what you and your friends are doing for Street Children Awareness Day.

Just do something!

Immediate Action Items

– RSVP at the event page on facebook and share the event with your friends right away;
– Put the day in your calendar right now, and also schedule whatever you need to do to get ready for the big day;
– Start sending out the press release (coming soon) to as many local and national medias as you can as soon as possible;
– Contact us regarding co-branding right away;
– Sponsor a news release on a national news wire for approximately $300 (contact us);
– Volunteer to be a spokesperson for the day in your area by sending us a link to a video of you telling us why you would make a great spokesperson for this cause!